Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I May Be Losing It Folks: 2nd babies and Talking Uteruses

I've come to realize I'm not really in control of my uterus. It was just a couple of months ago even the thought of adding another baby would send me into cold sweats. 

Pregnancy? No thanks. I'm enjoying drinking right now. And full control of my bladder. 

Toddler and a newborn? Haha. I maybe slightly off my rocker, but not masochistic. I'm not even sure the logistics of that combination are even possible. Seriously, when do you sleep? 
I'm pretty sure it's never. 

So adding another child to our little corner of crazy wasn't even on my radar. I would snort derisively at those who'd ask if we were planning on a second baby yet. You, people. You silly, silly people. 

Then my uterus decided it was time. It needed to show me who was actually in charge of this decision. And believe me. It isn't me. 

The thought of having another one suddenly wasn't nausea inducing. I started oohing and awwing over newborns instead of thanking the good lawd above it wasn't mine. Then I actually felt a twinge of jealously over a pregnant lady at the store. It was as if I didn't even know who I was anymore. 

After a couple drinks the other night, I heard myself trying to convince (read: bribe) the husband to have another one. It was an out of body experience y'all. Like when someone describes a near death experience, you know? They're all like, I was floating above my body and heard everyone in the room talking and then I saw a bright light and Jesus himself spoke to me. And you just smile and nod and think...you're a flipping nutcase. 

That's exactly how it was. Except my uterus was Jesus. My uterus was speaking for me. 

I still haven't quite convinced darling husband that another child is the greatest idea mankind has ever had. He's still just smiling and nodding and thinking I'm a flipping nutcase. In time I'll bring him over to the dark side though. 

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  1. Hysterical! 4 days ago I was actually completely convinced that I didn't want another one. I even saw a friends newborn (boy) baby and I was like, oh cute, but I have two of those already. But then yesterday my other friend had a BABY GIRL and now? Now, I might have to have another one to try for a girl.... Lol, not really, I like drinking and sleeping too much!