Friday, August 10, 2012

An open letter from your child

Dear Mommy,

Sometimes I hear you complain about your "new" body and it confuses me.

When I'm playing on the bathroom floor in the morning, I see you scrunch up your face in the mirror after you get out of the shower. And I hear your soft sighs when you try on that old pair of jeans again.

I hear you say you want your old body back, the one you had before me. I've never seen your before me body, but can't imagine it was any more wonderful than the one you have now.

I like your arms, mommy. They are so strong and lift me high over your head. It's so much fun and makes me giggle every time. I'm your Super Baby, right mama? They pick me up when I'm upset and bring me up close to your heart, where all the sad and the bad go away in an instant.

And I like your tummy, mommy. It's such a great place to snuggle into and believe me it was the best home ever before I came to stay with you and daddy. You took such good care of me in there and I grew healthy and strong. I'm such a big boy, that's what daddy says. Your tummy was warm and snuggly and comforting just like it is now.

And your hips? I like those too mommy. I think they are the perfect place for my little baby bottom. I like being close to you, wrapping my tiny hands around the back of your arms and holding on so tight. We can look out on the big world together this way. It's a beautiful view, don't you think mama?

And your breasts were made for me mommy. They give me the best nourishment in the whole world, the perfect food just for me. They give comfort and security when I'm sick and scared and tired. The first time I looked in your eyes I was nursing and I haven't stopped staring into them since.

I know sometimes you leave me to go to the gym and that's okay. When you're gone, daddy lets me do all kinds of cool things that mamas don't. And I want you to be healthy and happy so you can be my mommy for a long time.

But remember that number on the scale doesn't reflect how many times you kiss my head and make my world okay again. It doesn't count the times your tickles make me laugh so hard tears roll down my face. It doesn't say how much my heart soars when you come pick me up out of my crib in the morning so I can spend all day with you again.

And that number doesn't tell you how beautiful I think you are mommy.

Please be kind to yourself today. I love you.

Your child


  1. This is so perfect, and something I need to always remember! Thank you :)

  2. Thanks for posting this, it's a good reminder for us Mommas! I've made it a personal priority to teach Liam that healthy is beautiful (skinny is not), I think it's just as important to teach our sons this as it is our daughters. :) Your letter was very touching!